Awarding Company                       Nominated Student
14-16 Pre Apprentice Award
for Outstanding Achievement        Natalia Sky
Bakers Award                              Alin Tulea
Barber Surgeons, Wax and
Tallow Chandlers Co Award           Lauren Nalder
Ancient and Worshipful
Company of Bricklayers Award      Owen Budd
Butchers Award                          Knox Cash
Cappers, Pinners,
Wierdrawers & Linendrapers
Award                                       Harrison Vare
Clothworkers, Walkers and
Masons Company Award             Rhian Davies
Coopers Company Award            Matthew Kenny
Innholders, Cooks and
Victuallers Company Award         Dane Mason
Joiners and Carvers Company
Award                                      Steven Hall
Painters, Glaziers,
Embroiderers and Stationers
Award                                      James Riley


Mercers, Ironmongers,
Grocers and Apothecaries
Award                                      Chelsie Davies
Saddlers and Curriers Award      Robert Moon
Smiths, Cutlers and Plumbers
Award                                      Kyle Robinson
Weavers Award                         Sian Green


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