On Friday evening 24th April 2015 (the nearest Friday to St Georges Day) the Freemen and Guilds of the City of Chester welcomed 8 new Freemen at the Pentice Court in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall (their pictures are shown below).

The Bakers, Clothworkers Walkers and Masons, Coopers, Painters Glaziers Embroiderers and Stationers, Smiths Cutlers and Plumbers and Weavers presented candidates for admission as Freemen. Each candidate formally took the Oath in front of the Lord Mayor, Councillor Bob Rudd, Guildsmen and families and became Freemen of Chester.

Our President, Canon Dennis Kelly, in his speech, said that despite living at a distance Freemen can still take an active part in the Freemen and Guilds and wherever Freemen live there is a role to play in The Freemen and Guilds.

After the procession to the Guildhall a group photograph was taken of the new Freemen, their sponsors, the Lord Mayor and President Canon Dennis Kelly. Four Companies swore in their Company members in the Council Chamber. Other Companies will/are expected to swear in their new Freemen later in the year.

Our thanks go to the Ladies Section who provided a superb buffet and to Norah Edwards, our Guilds Recorder, who organised and coordinated a very enjoyable evening. We are delighted to welcome all our new Freemen.


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