The second Pentice Court on 9th August was held also held in the Council Chamber with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Bob Rudd presiding. The Acting Town Clerk attended and in the company of the President of the Freemen and Guilds, Canon Dennis Kelly, the Guilds Recorder and several gowned Freemen of the City of Chester in attendance the ceremony took place. All of the three candidates derive their Freeman rights from Rob Richards Grandfather, Ernest who had served a seven year indentured apprenticeship as a carpenter in Chester City.
Following refreshments the new Freemen were admitted into their family Company, the ceremony taking place in a side room in the Town Hall with their Alderman and Company members, President Dennis Kelly and the Freemen and Guilds Recorder who were invited to attend. After the ceremony the Recorder presented the Welcome packs and Freemen and Guilds pins to the new members.

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