At the recent Heritage Open Days there was a Guild presence at three of the venues: St Peter’s Church, St John’s Church and the Phoenix Tower. Following is an explanation as to Guilds involvement in these three buildings:
St. Peter’s Church has always been the spiritual home of the Guilds and there is a blue plaque on the wall outside this Church giving this information. The Pentice Court was also built onto the Church and the Mayor and Assembly of the City, at that time all Freemen had a meeting place here. A sketch of 1809 showing this building was included in the information inside King Charles Tower.
Inside St. John’s Church there is a tomb slab which has incised on it the tools of a glove maker. He must have been an important Freemen to have such a memorial. Also inside this Church there are memorial plaques to the various Mayors of the City who worshiped there. These were painted by the Randal Holmes family who were important in the City for depicting armorial coats of arms and painting banners and anything of this type that required their skills. There were four generations of this family involved and they were all members of the Painters Guild.
The Phoenix Tower (now named King Charles Tower) was originally the meeting place of many of the Guilds in the 14th Century and even in later years and at one time the Guilds were responsible for the repair of this Tower.

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