The Freemen of Chester

In the heart of Chester Chester for over 800 years.

Freemen of Chester

23 of the original Guilds survive.  New freemen are admitted each year at the Pentice Court ceremony in the Town Hall.  The Lord Mayor of Chester presides over the Court.  The Guilds then walk in procession through the City to the Guildhall.  In 1992 the Freemen and Guilds decided to admit women for the first time.

Every autumn the Guilds hold a banquet in the guildhall, followed by a service at St Peter’s Church.

The Guildhall is used for many events and social functions, as well as meetings of the Guilds Council.

The Freemen and Guilds of Chester keep close links with the Freemen of England and with the Guilds of other historic cities, such as York and Coventry.

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