Three Freemen - (Judith Murrin Carole Mclennay and Norah Edwards) together with conservator Vivian Lochhead of the People's Museum, Manchester viewing the recently restored Weavers Banner, which is on show in the Medieval Exhibition being held at the Grosvenor Museum, together with items on loan by the Cordwainers and the Mercers and Ironmongers Companies.



This exhibition explores life in a medieval city, in this case Chester, but reflective of life in general during this period. It investigates the role of  religion and in particular the significance of pilgrimage to Chester. It looks at identity, those personal everyday items, such as buckles and brooches, cooking pots and cauldrons, needles and net weights. It uncovers the role of the guilds in trade, along with ornaments of the wealthy, with examples of their jewellery and tableware. Most importantly it displays an array of magnificent documents, which more than anything paint a picture of Chester, its visitors and citizens; from the manuscripts produced and kept at the Abbey of St Werburgh and the scripts of the Mystery Plays maintained by the guilds, to the poems of the Welsh, who reflect on the men of Chester, weak beer and their love of St John’s Church and its Holy Rood.

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