Although stonemasons worked in Chester in the medieval period on such buildings as the Cathedral, Castle and the churches, they do not appear to have formed a company before the 16th century. By c.1529-37, they were associated with the goldsmiths, making an agreement with the vintners and dyers over the use of the latter’s Mystery Play carriage. Together with the goldsmiths, they produced ‘The Destroying of the Children by Herod’.

The Masons Company petitioned the Assembly for a Charter in 1691 and was ordered to have one jointly with the carpenters and bricklayers. However, the Assembly later rescinded this decision, and the Company was incorporated with the plasterers in 1705. In the early 18th century, they were also associated with the clothworkers and were still calling themselves the Company of Masons and Clothworkers in 1835. At that time, the Company only had 8 members.