Beer brewing, like the baking of bread, was subject to regulation by the City authorities and in 1487, brewers from the various wards were summoned by their constables to have their measures stamped to comply with the Mayor’s order. However, in spite of their large numbers and the importance of their trade, they do not seem to have been incorporated until 1607, when they were granted a charter by the Mayor. They received another from Charles I in 1634, under which the company was governed by a master and two wardens.

At about the time of their incorporation, the beer brewers combined with the water leaders and drawers of Dee in the Midsummer Show; in 1607 the beer brewers paid 13s 6d for taffeta for a banner for the company’s use at Midsummer and 40s to Randle Holme, the heraldic painter, for painting it.

By 1835, the company only had three members and they had not apparently regulated the price of beer or enforced attendance at meetings since the 1760’s, in spite of the fact large numbers of people in Chester were engaged in the brewing trade.